Our Story

Hi, I’m Vanessa — I created Silent Opus to help tell stories, so I thought we should start by sharing our own...

Some Background

Back in 2014, I founded the jewelry brand Vrai & Oro (now called Vrai). I learned a million lessons during that time, and after it was acquired 5 years later, I decided to leave and re-focus on the things that mattered most to me.

My plan was to take a break from jewelry, but it kept calling me back. When my daughter, Frida, was born I suddenly realized why.

Inspired By a Ring

The idea for Silent Opus was inspired by a ruby ring my mom made when I was born. She wore this ring every day until my wedding when she passed it on to me. So much more than just an accessory - it’s a silent reminder of our story together and a new tradition that I’m honored to pass on.

Custom Made

We believe the journey of each product’s creation is as important as the outcome. That’s why we don’t produce inventory or purchase stock items — each design is custom created as soon as your order is placed. Here’s a look into the making of:

CAD Creation

After you customize your design, our system uploads and adjusts every product detail to match your selections. From here, a unique CAD (computer aided design) is generated and saved to your profile.

3D Printing

Next, your CAD is sent to our 3D printer where a wax buildup is carefully created, layer by layer, over the span of a few hours.

Gold Casting

Now your wax buildup is placed inside a flask and filled with plaster. Molten gold is poured into the flask, melting the wax and forming your final metal piece.

Stone Setting

After casting, your design is handed to our stone setting experts (an intricate and rare trade). Each stone is individually set at 10x magnification.


Now your design is polished, cleaned and inspected. The rough outer layer from casting is removed, revealing a highly reflective gold surface underneath

After several rounds of deep cleaning, your design is inspected from every angle to ensure each detail is just right.

A Personal Touch

The journey is almost complete. We emboss your name or initials on your custom jewelry box and make sure your design is wrapped up safe and sound for it’s travels.

Finally, we bid adieu and send this special piece home — to you. .

We Believe

A business with soul is hard to put into words, but you know one when you see it (rather, feel it). More than just talk, our beliefs are rooted from the inside, out — silently expressed with every decision we make.

Beauty Is In The Details.

Our designs may look simple from the outside but they’re created with every small detail in mind — like engineering a custom clasp that allows you to add or remove pendants from your necklace without losing them.

We believe great design solves problems and for us, form and function go hand in hand.

Sustainability Is A Mindset.

Using recycled gold and alternative gemstones is important to us (we all love diamonds, but we think you’ll love Honey Opals just as much), but true sustainabilty goes deeper than the materials we use

We believe in building products that last — not just for years, but for generations because buying less is the only truly sustainable way forward.

Business Is Human.

More than just a business, we’re a team of passionate people — we’re dog lovers, yogis, parents, foodies, bookworms... and we wouldn’t exist without the support of talented humans around the world.


From Urvesh and Leena in Mumbai to Tortov in Shenzhen and Vlad in Ukraine, our business has no borders. We believe in putting people and passions first. Profits can follow.